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ITS Service Center

The ITS (Information Technology Services) Service Center is the 1st level of support (Tier 1) for FSU Students, Alumni, Employees (former and current), Retirees, Parents and Vendors for a variety of services. We provide basic troubleshooting for most issues, but we also act as intermediaries between our customers and our 2nd/3rd level (Tier 2 & 3) provider groups.

If we cannot resolve a customer’s issue over the phone, then it is part of our job to gather as much information as possible and to create the appropriate service request on our customer’s behalf, to route to our Tier 2 or 3 provider groups.

We interact with our customers via email, phone calls, chat sessions, and in person; while maintaining a friendly attitude and professional demeanor as we uphold the customer service standards of Information Technology Services. 

The following is a short list of some of the many systems and services that we support:
·         FSU Directory
·         FSU On-Campus Cable TV Services
·         FSU Email
·         FSUID and FSU Log-in Issues
·         FSU Network Issues
·         Telephone and Voicemail Issues